Boom Boom

I hate that I hate this card. I love Tabitha as a character and I am always on the lookout for good Aggression allies, but unfortunately this isn't it. Her main issue is she gets value for you waiting. But... this is Aggression, an Aspect that almost forces you to rush. Sure, she'd be great if you could use her with Uncanny X-Force to thwart with her every turn while you wait for that build up, except that's not legal because there's no X-Force character like Cyclops that will let you run an Aggression ally in a Leadership deck. Tabitha is pulling herself in two different directions. Maybe if she was cheaper, but for 3 cost you are getting a 1 point action and a chump block, or having her do NOTHING for multiple turns and then chump blocking at the very end?

I am not sure what the design intent was for this was within the X-Force cycle, but Tabitha deserved better.

Soulfire · 23
The thing is that it also realllllllllllllly leans into her theme though. Plus, the benefit is that it does damage to all enemies, so is great against decks with a lot of minions, especially in multiplayer. Additionally, because it's dealing damage it avoids Retaliate. Sure, this card probably has less usefulness in true solo play, but I find that a lot of people get blinders when it comes to a lot of cards, not considering what usefulness they have in multiplayer...where rushing in Aggression isn't anywhere near as useful. — torghacker · 1
Avoiding Retaliate is not relevant information, as Boom Boom must get discarded to deal damage. — Doc7 · 1

2 resources for 2 thwart is about as bad a rate as it gets, not to mention the up front cost to put this in play. There are a handful of upsides such as this being Psionic for Psimitar and giving you an excuse to play 3x The Power of the Mind without them going to waste on a resource-heavy hand. In protection or aggression, which struggle for unconditional threat removal, you could probably play this, but look to your basic allies first.

Stretch22 · 443
Definetaly agree. I have never ran this in a deck. — tunic2011 · 174

This is a card I never leave out of a Cable deck. It's also my go-to support for a Mutant deck playing Build Support since when you grab the bunker with it, you'll already have Build Support in the victory display. With one side scheme down, this straight up draws a card every turn in Alter-Ego, making it an Avengers Mansion that's cheaper by 2. Once you get up to 4 or 5 side schemes defeated, it's truly bananas as you can draw exactly what you need every turn. Outside of Cable, it's a little worse, but with at least 2 player side schemes in a deck, I'll always consider it.

Stretch22 · 443
Concussive Blast

Just got done in by this card when using Deadpool..

What previously was a card that didn't do it's a hero killer for Deadpool (in Wade AE mode...)

Flipped down to AE, hp dial to 1 and added an acc. token... Encounter drew this and killed Wade off....:(

Podbreaker · 3
Flash Freeze

This is probably the best hero defense card in entire game. Someone said why when there is already Backflip or Shield Block that can negate all incoming damage? Ok, but Storm card can negate all incoming attack! Not only once, but potentially any number. Minus 3 ATK is sometimes enough to take no harm from the villain, and really only a few minion hit for 4. Flash Freeze also had additional value with Blizzard so minion with really bad text box can be nothing more that a small paper card :)

nosiak · 26