Mutants at the Mall

That awkward feeling when you are playing Jubilee hero and the game instructs you to discard your hero because you defeated a side scheme. But seriously, we have three ways to rule this weird interaction (playing Jubilee as your identity and dealing with the forced Jubilee ally):

1) Jubilee ally does not enter play and is removed from the game. Since your not responsabile for her being defeated, which was the RAI, I believe she does not go to the victory display to lower the point tally.

2) Jubilee ally goes directly to your discard pile and will basically only serve as a dead discardable card when she is eventually drawn. Since your not responsabile for her being defeated, which was the RAI, I believe she does not go to the victory display to lower the point tally.

3) Pretend the scenario ally has another random name that is not Jubilee. This way, you get to use the ally just like she was designed. Maybe pretend there's a multiverse, just like some people do with the Nebula x Nebula situation.

Option 3 seems best to me, what do you think?

There's nothing requiring you to defeat this scheme to win the scenario. So just...don't defeat it? — CaffeineAddict · 1
Psychic Misdirection

This is an efficient card when it works but it doesn't always do something in every situation. The problem with this card is it requires a minion in play (outside of something like Tower Defense or Sinister Six) or it just doesn't do anything. It also makes your turn awkward since you wouldn't want to remove minions in play during your turn or you wouldn't be able to play this but you're not guaranteed to draw it so you're stuck in this dealing some damage to minions without killing it situation. Then if you don't draw it, the minion also gets to activate. Saving this card to use on the next turn also sucks since you're down a card for that turn.

When it does work though, this is great since it will still trigger a defense for things like Unflappable/Hard to Ignore/Electrostatic Armor/etc and guarantee taking no damage. But I don't think the upside is worth the effort.

Neokarasu · 102

This was updated in the 1.5 rules update to have the defense tag. This adds some value, eg. letting you pay for it with Nerves of Steel or picking it up with Jocasta.

SHIELDMAIDEN (#11) Should have the Defense trait and read: “Hero Interrupt (defense): When the enemy with Death-Glow attached attacks, declare Valkyrie the defender without exhausting her. She gets +2 DEF for this attack.” (Added “(defense)”.)

BigGriz · 2

The classic chump blocker of protection.

On average, you will draw her turn 3, which leaves 19 cards in your deck. or another 3 turns. If you make sure to chump block with her, you will draw her another time or two before cycling your deck. As such, I like to see her as 2 to 3 allies for 1 slot. For many heroes like Groot that needs some form of block, she becomes very valuable. She also has the hidden quality of not going into the collection of the Collector I, being a literal cheat code to this difficult scenario.

One problem she has is that she doesn't have good traits or ways to discount her, she would almost be anti-synergic with Adam Warlock, and inconsequential in Strange, Scarlet Witch or Magik decks. Team-Building Exercise is therefore not effective. She can also not come online before the end of your deck, so she also needs to be backed up other chump blockers such as Starhawk or Honey Badger to beat the odds of not having her online before the end of the deck. You may end up not playing her when you draw her and loosing her recursive power.

batman · 20
The reshuffle ability would only be useful if Clea was a strong enough card that you'd want to draw her multiple times. Starhawk, Cosmo, Machine Man, Daredevil, and Ironheart all have extra value for the same cost, and I would play those first. The Collector tech is sweet though, hadn't thought about that — Stretch22 · 559
Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo can give you 2 thwart and a block for 3-4 ER. Most protection decks seem to run more than 10 events nowadays, so you should find one among the 5 you draw 80% of the time, reducing the ER of Brother Voodoo to 3. If you run more than 10 events that could be situational, Brother Voodoo also becomes a viable mini-tutor fetching the right event for the right situation.

To finish off, he is an Avenger, which is one the most developed trait now - you can cheat him with Avengers Tower, and Team-Building Exercise for only 1 ER, get a ready through Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It may also find a spot in a Drax deck, with Stand Together.

batman · 20