A surprising card to not have a review yet and one of Leadership's staple allies. With 15 events in your deck, you're above 90% to hit an event in your top 5 (not considering other information about your discard + hand), and you're above 60% to see 2 or more, which provides powerful selection that is much better than simply drawing a card. Kaluu is very easy to use since the Response doesn't care if you're in Alter-Ego or Hero, and it is an "enters play" ability, not a play from hand ability, so it works with Make the Call or Rapid Response. I'd say about 12+ events is where you want to be to play Kaluu, but even less can be acceptable if your deck wants to dig to a specific event. Easy inclusion in many Leadership decks

Stretch22 · 443
Spot on great card, I almost never play a Leadership deck without him. — vintagebuyer_80 · 37

Cypher is comparable to Ironheart, a Champions staple, for a deck that can frequently confuse. Cypher has a great ability that encourages you to give him extra hit points to draw more cards, but there aren't that many ways to do it for the X-Force trait or in Justice. In basic, you can give him X-Force Recruit (and other Honorary-s depending on your hero), or you can play multiplayer with a Leadership partner. Even on his own, Cypher pulls his weight, so feel free to include him in any deck that confuses and doesn't mind an off-trait ally.

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Upside the Head

This is a versatile card for exactly the right cost and currently the only Justice aspect card that stuns, which makes it another good tool in a confuse-lock deck that Justice is capable of. You might say the need to do a basic attack is awkward in Justice, but since this is in a deck that confuses regularly, you are much more free to use your basic activations as attacks rather than thwarts. This is great for the Float Like a Butterfly deck, which wants both ways to confuse and to attack frequently. If you are playing Psylocke, don't forget this is a Skill you can search up with Training Regimen. A simple and effective card! (against non steady/stalwart villains)

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This card flew under my radar at first when looking at the 'Pool cards, but once you realize the things you can do with it, it opens up a world of possibilities.

Most obviously, if you start the turn in hero form and flip to alter-ego, your hand size just went up 1 or 2, so Mulligan draws you a free 1 or 2 cards.

Now, let's look at that key first line: "You cannot play this card if you have played another card this phase".

This provides 2 work-arounds: Doing things with your cards that are not playing them and doing things during the villain phase.

For the former, a bunch of 'Pool cards fit this category: Tic-Tac-Toe, Blackout, Plot Convenience, Deadpool Corps Ship, and Stick-To-Itiveness. For the latter, Not my Responsibility, Get in Front of Me!. For both categories, some basic and identity-specific cards will work too. For example, Machine Man and Plan B.

If you can do either of these, then Mulligan will give you a net gain of cards in hand. Even without these tricks, some decks will just want to go through their deck faster to get to some specific cards, in which case Mulligan is also great.

Overall, a sweet card that helps contribute to the unique feel of the 'Pool aspect!

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Solid option as an X-Men ally for Cyclops. This lets him recycle really good alternate allies for a low cost. Drop Polaris , have her block twice, then drop Pixie and get her back immediately. Considering how expensive some allies can be, Pixie offers Scott a good option for lower cost allies.

Soulfire · 23