Ready for Action

There's so much competition in leadership decks that this card rarely makes it in, but whenever I have run I've been pretty impressed.

I think it gets particularly valuable once you make the jump to standard 2. The abundance of overkill makes chump blocking a less obvious alternative, and in general on the harder scenarios it is much harder to reach the critical mass of allies that many leadership archetypes need to be successful. It's hard to precisely evaluate, but generally I'd value a tough over a stun, and a 2 ER tough that exhausts your worst ally is pretty good value.

I think this is a great card that pretty much nobody ever plays.

Team Strike

You missed that you can distribute the damage like you want. Thats sometimes really good! But the rest seems true, yes. And it ignores retaliate for many but one instances. Also it can handle many tough status cards if this gets piering through wolverines claws. I think there really is a niche for this card. But my question is,can you use the allys of other players?

Therata · 2
The role is that you cannot use cards outside of your control to pay costs unless there is a specifically stated exception. Exhausting X-Men allies is part of the cost of this card, therefore those allies must be under your control. — fullur · 1
Mutant Peacekeepers

To sum up the benefits of this card: 1) Allows you to redistribute THW perfectly, leading to no THW being wasted 2) Allows you to avoid consequential damage on your allies 3) Allows you to exhaust your characters out of turn, letting another player ready you with Team-up cards 4) Allows you to use allies to thwart even if they're confused (rare case, but possible)

If you exhaust 2 consequential damage worth of allies for this, it's basically already on par with First Aid with the bonus of both the heal and the thwart being distributed as needed.

Biggest downsides of this card: 1) Require you to exhaust your hero 2) Is prevented by Confused on your hero 3) Has a Physical Resource which only works for 1 Justice Card (Concussive Blow's kicker) and zero basic and X-Men identity cards.

Alatreon · 25
Marvel Girl

Stats- and cost-wise she's Agent Coulson with a different ability. Agent Coulson will give you draw which is incredibly, whereas Marvel Girl lets her attack and thwart simultaneously. To go further into her ability, there are tons of minions in the game that have 2 scheme, meaning that for the purposes of thwarting the main scheme, attacking a minion will be simply more efficient. However, if you give her Mission Training, you'd be hard pressed to find a minion with 3 printed SCH, as there is a grand total of 8 in the whole game (one of which is from Print and Play set and another from a Nemesis set) at the time of writing this, making her ability harder to get good value of. A thing to consider is attacking minions with 1 HP left, which would produce value beyond just the sum of her ATK and the target's SCH. Also, keep in mind her ability is hard-countered by the Crisis Icon.

To compare further to Agent Coulson, they both provide good traits. Coulson is a Spy, so he allows you to play cards like Spycraft and Marvel Girl is a Psionic, which lets you use Cerebro's full deck search.

You could also try to give her Sidearm and/or (with help from another players) cards like Attack Training (instead of Mission Training) to make her a well-rounded workhorse.

Alatreon · 25
Operative Skill

This is not a card that I expected to like, nor is it my go-to choice to play when I see it in a hand, but it has subtly gone a long way towards winning certain games. Just based on my experience with the Gambit pre-con deck alone it subtly and consistently assists with cards like Creole Charmer that want to clear off a scheme reliably to get their actual useful effect. I find being left a single point of threat short when thwarting with cards like Clear the Area can be surprisingly and frustratingly common, and it may be worth dropping a copy or two of this card in if your deck's game plan revolves around that play style just as insurance. I don't love this card, but it has managed to stay out of my card box and in a deck compared to the cards I expected to love but dropped immediately.

Solid point. Wolverine also has a couple cards that trigger off removing all threat and having 1 left over point can be pretty maddening. — Jreilly89 · 7