Morale Boost

A bit odd that this card came in the same wave as Magical Enhancements. Hoping that in the future we can get more upgrade synergy cards so that these two can function a bit differently other than discard timing.

Edit: Magical Enhancements can be dragged out by Superpower Training and played in any aspect, the other can be recurred by Leadership Training and payed for by Finesse. Honestly having practically 6 copies of the same card + Leadership Training in one deck is definitely an experience.

Tendiest · 60
Magical Enhancements is an identity-specific card, so I don't think there's any awkwardness created here. — Stretch22 · 559
Soul Sisters

Biggest flex I've seen in this game: Playing at Con of Heroes 2023, Cyclops player gets both Phoenix and Storm on the table and plays this. Their Voltron strategy was so on point, they still had both in play when they drew Soul Sisters again.

I really wanted them to pull off the same thing with Fastball Special.

Did they address this as a houserule? Because rules state that: — Leo_the_wookiee · 3
During deck building, you can add the team-up card only if your identity matches at least one of the character names. The hero and alter-ego names are considered different names for the team-up. E.g. Young Love requires Gwen Stacy and Mile Morales, which means you hero(es) have to be in alter-ego(s). Allies count as having both names. — Leo_the_wookiee · 3
Doing all of that just to be told that isn't how the rules work would definitely feel bad. Also gotta try this with Jubilee and Fastball Special when she releases. Thanks for the idea — Tendiest · 60
Suppressing Fire

This is very similiar card to Precision Strike. But 1 resource cheaper, and you need to kill a minion (with basic attack or event) In the scenario with many low health minions this is super value and a way to stay in hero form longer. It can be very good in his own. But now we can make a archetype with cheap cards that heal (this card, Precision Strike, Moment of Triumph).

Taking all above I can give Suppresing Fire a grade: A- (A-C) - worth including in almost all aggresion decks. Two or even a three copies.

nosiak · 47
This card is not a value-add in multiplayer, as it essentially means the other players at the table have a minion they must try not to kill as the upgrade is on the aggression player's identity only and "you" is the Aggression player who played the card? — Doc7 · 5
Seek and Destroy

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Doc7 · 5
Cosmic Flight

Most of these comments were written before cards like Honed Technique and Dive Bomb existed. Even Agile Flight makes it extremely worthwhile to have a passive Aerial in the deck. Aerial has become a much more important keyword since this card was introduced, and, yes Carol likes her energy resources, but for the low cost of a Quincarrier you can be wiping minions and villains off the board with a Dive Bomb every turn. It might’ve been a mediocre card when the game released, but it’s a beast now.

lithoniel · 4