Shield Spell

Another fantastic, though Mystic-only card, that basically any Mystic protection deck should play. It typically costs about 2 ER for a villain activation block, so getting that for 1 ER is great. Not only that, but it is a reactive block that lets you wait and see how much damage you would be taking before you decide to play the card. Great card to put under Jocasta. Discarding from the top of the deck is usually a small downside, but with Digging Deep and White Fox you could add some sweet value to the effect.

Stretch22 · 481
Magic Attack

Essentially the same as Zone of Silence but for damage instead of thwarting. Highly efficient with a small drawback of discarding cards from deck that can be turned into an advantage for decks playing Digging Deep and White Fox. It being a spell makes it replayable with Magik's alter ego ability, and discarding from the top is a neat trick when you want to find a better card to play with her hero ability. Overall solid card that I would never cut from a Mystic Aggression deck.

Stretch22 · 481
Zone of Silence

Very efficient thwarting for the few Mystic heroes in the game. Combos perfectly with Digging Deep and White Fox, which is a very strong archetype. Adam Warlock, whose deck this was released in, doesn't mind depleting his deck because of Soul World. This can be very interesting in a Magik deck too since it's a spell she can bring back to the top of her deck, and by discarding some cards from the top, she can try to find a better card to play from deck using her hero ability. I would always play this card as a Mystic hero in Justice

Stretch22 · 481
Psychic Rapport

I think there is a case for including this card in a Cyclops deck. It can recur Full Optic Blast (and ready Cyclops to help him use it).

F.O.B. Is the most powerful event card in the game and a one-off so getting a chance at an extra use for it is very valuable.

All that said, 2 cost still feels a bit high for this card

jamman39 · 6

I think some of the past criticisms have been mitigated with the introduction of the Pool Aspect. Having access to 3 triple resource cards goes a long way towards patching Hulk’s resource issues, Stick-To-Itivness and Healing Factor are generally good. Cut-upper is an auto-include Stun card and Tic-Tac-Toe/Black-Out further mitigate dead hands by giving those cards a function. I disagree with the idea of reprinting/redesigning a card unless they are mailing free copies of it. A more realistic solution is introducing Gamma specific support similar to “The Sorcerer Supreme”.