I agree, this card is great with allies, if you are looking to just heal your hero, crew quarters is cheaper. If your deck is x-men, has allies, and is going to alter ego a fair bit, you can run both. Also can be used to help offset weapon x life cost in an x-men deck.

Missile Launcher

A great card that, sadly, has to compete for relevancy with it's big brother, the Shoulder Cannon. It may not have the same burst potential, but, for a 1 cost card, 2 damage and ranged is great value. It's an attack, so it triggers things like Float Like a Butterfly, but ignores retaliate. Also keep in mind that it has the same ammo cost as shooting the Shoulder Cannon twice. It may not see use often, but I wouldn't discard it unless strictly necessary. Of course, if you have to decide between this and the Shoulder Cannon, drop it, it is heavily outclassed in terms of versatility and long-term value.


Great for any excess damage build. Note it does not specify “event”, so this works with anything labeled “attack”. Rocket’s tech upgrades love this. Pair with Follow Through for amped damage. Slap on a few minions before dropping a Honed Technique Dive Bomb to ensure no damage is wasted.

Iron Man

[BUG] - This card does not appear when I try to edit my decks. Is anyone else having this problem? It goes from Hawkeye to Kaluu and skips this card. How do I report this as a bug. I cannot find the Bug submission option.

Orthogrom · 13
Only thing I can think of is to check the pack filter on your deckbuilder page and see if Doctor Strange is marked — Stretch22 · 539
Team Investigation

Saying "it's worst than Spider-man" and leave it at that makes no sense. You can have only one copy of Spider-man, this lets you play Spider-man AND 3 copies of an event that thwarts as much as him. You don't have to choose.

RamistAR · 202