The Card Slinging Slasher

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Daring Lime · 452

The Card Slinging Slasher

Nautical Nonsense — I am just so touched that you would go through the...

I just finished playing through the Mutant Genesis Campaign with Gambit and it was a blast! After I beat the campaign I cut out cards I didn't use and then replaced them with new better ones to create this deck for all of you!

Charge de Card

Clearly, the unique part about playing Gambit is his 'Charge de Card' ability. This allows his attack events to become bonkers! Royal Flush can do 3 damage, then 3 damage, then 3 damage for 3 cost! making it better at single target damage than the standard attack event Swinging Web Kick, along with extra versatility because you can divide the damage among multiple enemies. His other event, which I have found to be even more useful is Charged Card. When you remove 3 counters it is a 2 cost card for 7 damage with piercing, ranged, and overkill! Because these events utilize his charge counters in such powerful and unique ways, I think playing aggression with Gambit is a waste! I've found that I have just enough counters to use his built in attack events, and if you spend those counters on aspect events then it just won't be as good. That's why I think Justice (to make up for his lack of thwarting) and Protection are his best aspects.

Gambit's Unique Thwarting Style:

The other unique thing about Gambit is how his thwarting works. His alter-ego ability 'Thief Extraordinaire' allows you to thwart in alter-ego by looking at the top two cards of the encounter deck and discarding one. This gives you info about what your next boost card will be, and is on average going to be 2 THW, which is better than his base THW of 1 in hero mode, and is also more valuable than his 2 ATK stat. So whenever you are in alter-ego I suggest using this ability if you don't need to recover. Perhaps even stranger than his alter-ego ability is his hero kit thwart event Creole Charmer. It is a 2 for 3 thwart even that confuses the villain if it removes the last threat from a scheme. This means that if you're not playing justice, then you can only thwart in alter-ego! His other thwarting card is the support The Thieves Guild, which lets you draw a card if "Thief Extraordinaire" removes the last threat from a scheme. To be frank, this card sucks. The only time I have found it to be useful is if I get it on the first turn and can remove the starting threat off the main scheme. This card will likely only draw you 1-3 cards throughout the whole game, and sometimes 0.


Enabling Gambit's Strengths:

The reason I chose protection and not justice is because of how well he can use the defense and retaliate packages. Gambit's Guild Armor combined with Gambit's Staff is a better version of the perfect defense build that other hero's sometimes do. Gambit's Staff allows him to do a retaliate damage to any enemy even when he isn't blocking or the target of the attack. Gambit's Guild Armor allows him to ready. In single player cards like Indomitable aren't necessary, but in multiplayer it is a good addition because you can block and utilize Electrostatic Armor multiple times in one turn. Another great defense card he has access to is Natural Agility, this card can block attacks from even the hardest hitting villains in the game like Ronan the Accuser. When Armored Vest out and 2-3 charge counters you will routinely block for 7 with retaliate 2. In order to add some consistency to his attack events I added 3 copies of Mutant Education to bring Royal Flush and Charged Card back into your hand after playing them, and they also serve as an resource for Jump Flip.


Gambit Returned Rogue GIF - Gambit Returned Rogue Xmen - Discover & Share GIFs

Most of the time while playing this gambit deck you'll be staying in hero form. But if you ever confuse the villain with Professor X, or get Creole Charmer in your hand, it can be worth going into alter-ego for the extra cards and to utilize your "Thief Extraordinaire" ability. To compliment this I added Moira MacTaggert and X-Mansion to help facilitate going to alter-ego. Also, if you get his obligation Guild Business, you'll want to flip down to get rid of it as fast as you can because the hazard icon is brutal.

Hero Thwarting:

The primary source of thwarting in this deck while in hero mode will be through Jump Flip. Gambit already has a lot of resources, and I made sure to prioritize cards with resources while making this deck. Karma isn't useful most of the time because she has the same problem as Spider-Tracer. If there isn't a non-elite minion then her ability doesn't work. But when it does work she is one of the best cards in the game, and was key to me beating Magneto. When there isn't a minion, she is best used as an resource for Jump Flip.

Rogue: The Strongest Ally In The Game

The section header says it all! I routinely was able to play her for free. A 2 ATK 2 THW tough ally with 3 health is bonkers. By far the strongest ally I've seen.

Rogue Flying GIF - Rogue Flying Gambit GIFs

Card Substitutions

As always, feel free to edit this deck to your liking! Here are some cards that I didn't include, but think could be good for this deck.


Feb 12, 2024 andyr · 3883

Great write up. Deck played so nicely. I loved the 9 allies. Helped me be okay to build and do some rounds in alter ego

Feb 12, 2024 Daring Lime · 452

@andyr nice to hear that it worked out for you!

Mar 09, 2024 FastTwitch · 2

Just played this with Iron Fist instead of Storm and traded Plan B for power of protection double green energy. Didn’t take damage once! Awesome deck.

Mar 11, 2024 Daring Lime · 452

@FastTwitch That's awesome! I love hearing how people chose to edit the deck and how their games went.