갑옷. 과학.

Cost: 1.

이 카드를 플레이하면, 조종할 플레이어를 정합니다.

플레이어마다 최대 1장.

반응: 당신이 적의 공격을 방어한 후, 공격한 적에게 피해 1점을 입힙니다.

Hulk(헐크) #31.
정전기 갑옷

A key card for any deck that wants to be defending a lot, whether that's using the basic defense, or playing defense events. Over time, the damage will add up, and even getting four damage out of it is competitive with attack events.

Bonus: is a Tech card, which has synergies with some characters' kits (e.g. Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon)

Fry · 239

An absolute staple of Protection that came out in the first wave of cards. Any Hero that intends to Defend frequently makes exceptional useof this card. If you are able to get it out early enough, Electrstatic Armor could easily deal 6 damage over the course of the game, making it an excellent value at only one cost.

The new Defense rules only did this card a favor, allowing for dealing damage if any card with (defense) is played, Previously, you had to actively exhaust to be considered the defender of an attack.

Judicator82 · 123
Where can i find that rule update? it changes a lot of things for me — HugoCeuz · 3