"Draw & Slam!" (3.0) - She-Hulk / Leadership - March '21

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She-Hulk / Leadership 1 1 0 1.0

Brian-V · 44259

UPDATED (3/5/2021): Version (3.0)!!! I've received lots of requests to update my decks to 3.0, here goes, lots of changes!

Changes will allow my original "Draw & Slam" deck to now draw & cycle your entire deck every turn. You can easily play two Gamma Slam, two Split Personality, and have starting hands of 10-15 cards with Assess the Situation cycling (highest # I've played in one turn is 9 so far)! And now with Deft Focus, we have 3-point Gamma Slam!, and reduced cost for both Ground Stomp and Superhuman Strength!

(See other decks/guides at the bottom of this page...)


  • Update (3.0): This deck uses low-cost Leadership allies x6 to draw 12 cards with Strength In Numbers, Avengers Assemble!, and then another Strength In Numbers every turn. This combo combined with Avengers Mansion, Focused Rage x2, Split Personality, and Assess the Situation x3 will have you drawing your entire deck every turn once it's up and running. And now there's Deft Focus, a no-brainer -- Gamma Slam (3-cost!), Ground Stomp, Superhuman Strength -- all Superpowers!

  • After you've played She-Hulk a few times you realize that she has some very, very good cards and others that seem not so good on the surface. That, and she also has a problem with threat and getting her engine going. This deck is the solution to those problems.

  • This deck probably is not a beginner deck and takes some getting used to, because you play it so differently than you would any other deck. But, I've had just as much success with it as my best decks (beating every villain on Expert).



  1. Split Personality!!!
  2. Resource Cards: The Power of Leadership, Energy, Genius, etc.
  3. Depending on resource cards and needs: Any ally
  4. Your engine cards, if you pulled Split Personality

Early Game

  • This is probably the part that takes the most practice... You will actually begin the game and stay in Alter-Ego mode as long as you can. I usually flip her for the first time around the 3rd turn and hold out longer if I can before doing so. The purpose is to get your engine going, which will not happen in She-Hulk form. Her basic ability helps, as well as the allies who you will use to thwart. Also, if you get Split Personality while in Alter-Ego form early in the game, you want this. Flip over to Hero, do your ability, thwart/attack, play Split Personality and draw up and end to 6 and end on Jennifer Walters. Helps get the engine going and stay in Alter-Ego longer.

Thwarting Early

  • You also want to try and get Superhuman Law Division as soon as possible, which will help you stay in Alter-Ego. You also want to dive for your engine cards and the cards that will help you the most now, you'll draw a lot of cards in this deck, don't be afraid to dump something you won't use until later. Also one of the cards that is probably despised the most for being pretty horrible, Legal Practice, is actually useful these first few turns.

Gaining Momentum

  • Build your board and choose which allies will help you the most dependent upon what you're dealing with (Ant-Man or Hellcat for threat and Hawkeye or Wonder Man for heavy minions.


  • Another difficult thing to master is that you don't want any of your allies to die, you never block with them unless you absolutely have to. The allies are actually strictly for thwarting and for card draw with Strength In Numbers. This means you actually just tank with She-Hulk, that's where her mass hit points comes in to play. You want to get your full board of 6 allies to get the most out of Strength In Numbers.

Card Draw

  • Once you get your draw engine down and all 6 allies out for Strength In Numbers, then it's time to go to work and we all know She-Hulk has no problem pumping out damage. At this point you are going to draw to not dive for your engine, but dive for your best damage cards, and of course, Gamma Slam. The fact that there is only x1 Gamma Slam, doesn't really bother you anymore, you can easily play 2 per turn and all 3 One-Two Punch per turn.

  • Q: "How do you draw your entire hand in one turn?" A: Late game you will have 22 cards in your hand. Usually I start with a hand of around 10 cards due to Assess the Situation if I start in Alter-Ego form. You will easily draw 21 cards per turn with Split Personality, Strength In Numbers, Avengers Assemble!, another Strength In Numbers, and then your Avengers Mansion and Focused Rage.


  • Most games I have my engine as I'm about to defeat the first stage villain, which does take longer than with other heroes. But by the time you have your engine and you flip to the second stage villain, you end it within a few turns because you're just diving for Gamma Slam twice per turn and often all 3 One-Two Punch in one turn with your card draw.

Specific Cards/Combos

Assess the Situation

  • Late game you'll easily play 4 of these in one turn because you're cycling your deck every turn. The most I've played in one turn is 9, giving me a staring hand of 15 cards in Alter-Ego form. That's already 75% of your deck late game. Early on don't worry too much about this card, play it if it's convenient or to maximize Split Personality, but mid to late game is where this card becomes a lot of fun.


  • Hellcat is an Avenger and you want to maximize that with the Avenger kit. With the cards you're drawing, you will often find you are using Hellcat multiple times in one turn, possibly buffed. She works great with Avengers Tower and when you want to get rid of all your cards to maximize Split Personality. There are turns where you are holding 20 cards in your hand with more resources than you can use, just play her multiple times. Also if you've used Strength in Numbers on her, you can play her again.

Split Personality

  • Split Personality is a card that you want to use in Alter-Ego form early to get your engine going by flipping first, then playing in Hero and then late in the game play starting in Hero form, flip and draw 6, and then flip back to hero form and do damage. Once you get the hang of this deck, you can use this twice in one turn late game to try and cycle your deck to draw more Assess the Situation.

Deft Focus

Quincarrier & Superhuman Law Division

  • Superhuman Law Division is actually not a bad card and very helpful early game. Also late game you'll be constantly playing Split Personality, probably every turn, so you'll always be on Alter-Ego side at one point during the turn.


  • Allows you to do a full 15-point Gamma Slam pretty easily.

Superhuman Strength

  • When you're trying to cycle your hands in a turn, try to keep these on the board so they don't go back into your deck. Which basically means, don't basic attack until you have to.

Assault on NORAD

  • Often missed with "I Object!" Alter-Ego ability is that when you use it on Assault on NORAD, you do not have to do the Forced Response! That is huge.

First Turn

  • An ideal first game turn would something similar to:
  1. You have Split Personality and some cards that will get your engine going (Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, Quincarrier, Avengers Tower, etc.), along with an ally and some Resource Cards (The Power of Leadership, Energy, etc).
  2. You play these cards down to where you have only Split Personality and resources for it in hand. If you draw some double resource cards you could get something like an Avengers Mansion, Quincarrier, or Helicarrier down.
  3. Flip and do damage with your ability to whatever starting minion there is and then ATK killing whatever or damage to villain.
  4. Then play Split Personality so you have zero cards left in hand and you draw 6 fresh cards. And hopefully you get the same engine cards, an ally or something that can thwart. I've had first turns where I've gotten both Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier or Quincarrier first turn, thwarted with an ally and killed the starting minion all in turn one. It's almost an auto-win.

Late Game

  • An ideal late game turn is as follows:
  1. On hero identity, you play 3 cards to play Split Personality.
  2. Draw up to 6, do what you need to do as far as threat (Superhuman Law Division) if you want.
  3. Flip back to hero and draw, draw, draw with Strength In Numbers, Avengers Assemble!, another Strength In Numbers if needed or choose specific allies for it.
  4. One thing to pay attention to before you play the 2nd Strength In Numbers is if you're about to cycle your deck, you want to play your Gamma Slam and all your Assess the Situation so that you have a chance to re-draw them when you re-shuffle. When you play that 2nd Strength In Numbers, you're likely to draw them because your deck really only has a few cards in it at that point.
  5. Heal with United We Stand if Focused Rage got you low.
  6. Start off with 10-15 cards because of cycling Assess the Situation, rinse, and repeat.

Other Card Considerations

  • For what this deck tries to accomplish (draw cards), I wouldn't change much at this point for 3.0. But I encourage experimentation. One thing you can do is try to make your end-game hand smaller so it's easier to cycle. The only two cards that you can really try and get out of your hand is one Strength In Numbers or United We Stand. To do that you'd want to add a card that sits on the table and will reduce your end-game hand size. So I can see playing around with the following cards:

Team-Building Exercise is probably the one I'd try first, maybe dropping a Strength In Numbers. Sometimes I feel like I want two and a half Strength In Numbers in my deck. The rest of the deck I just don't know if I'd change at all at this point.

...As always, any suggestions/feedback or playthrough results are appreciated, thanks! And shameless plug, check out my other decks I've playtested extensively and have gotten a lot of love:


Feb 16, 2020 dr00 · 42134

excellent write-up for an excellent deck. Hellcat having the Avengers trait makes Avengers Tower + Avengers Assemble much more reliable. definitely going to give this a go

Feb 17, 2020 Brian-V · 44259

Thanks, man. She also loves Quinjets, which never go to waste with her. Let me know how it goes and if your version had any tweaks. And thanks again for the idea with Black Panther Wakanda Forever-and-ever-and-ever...

Feb 18, 2020 Howez92 · 1

I have played this deck a couple times now and it really brings a lot of fun to playing She-Hulk. Big card draws means she can can deal some serious damage. A couple times the threat came dangerously close to a loss for me so I'm sure I can play this more optimally but so far it's been a lot of fun.

Feb 21, 2020 Brian-V · 44259

@Howez92 Awesome to hear, thanks for the feedback. If I’m worried about threat sometimes I just replace Lead From the Front with Maria Hill. She’s not an Avenger but getting her out first turn (essentially for cost of 1) and she’s a big help with 2 Thwart. A good thwart ally early really helps — Falcon or Hellcat especially. I’m going to modify this write up to make it easier to read, but also keep in mind how good Split Personality is turn 1 or 2, which will also help you get a jump on on catching up on the villain and threat. Glad you’re enjoying the deck!

Mar 04, 2020 gustave154 · 22

Awesome deck. Black Panther is another hero that I like to play leadership with. Drawing cards = FUN

Mar 15, 2020 Mr.Bottle · 1

great deck! One doubt: I always play with Spiderman or Ms. Marvel. I'm not quite understanding how exactly the Gamma Slam works. When it says accumulated damage, are the life points we have received? or the ones that we have managed to make the villain or minions this turn? If they are the ones we have received, do those of the allies count?

Many thanks!!!!

Mar 18, 2020 Brian-V · 44259

@gustave154 Totally agree. Drawing a ton of Wakanda Forevers with Strength In Numbers is a ton of fun. My deck is a little more like KennedyHawk's deck than @dr00's, but both are darn good.

Mar 18, 2020 Brian-V · 44259

@Mr.Bottle Thanks, man. This is one of my most fun decks for me to play and dishes out a ton of damage mid-late game. To answer your question about Gamma Slam, it just means your Max Hit Points - Current Hit Points at that moment. So if you've played an Endurance, your total HPs will be 18. So if your current health is 3, you will do the full 15 damage with Gamma Slam. That's pretty much what you want to do, as it's the most optimal. Allies don't factor into anything at all and it's only current HPs, so don't worry about tallying and kind of damage over the course of the game. Hope that helps!

May 01, 2020 Deathseed · 2


It's how much total damage from her total health (even buffed as I gather) she has taken overall. Subtract current health from her total (current cap) health (which should be 18 in this deck if you get Endurance out), and that's how much she's gonna hurt the baddies.

Gamma Slam. Hero Action (attack): Deal X damage to an enemy (to a maximum of 15). X is the amount of damage YOU have sustained.


In Marvel Champions, each player takes on the role of a Marvel Hero, represented by the identity card. Essentially, the player is their identity card while playing the game.

• While interpreting card text, if the word “you” can be interpreted as referring to the player, it should be interpreted as such. For example, Interrogation Room reads, “After you defeat a minion, exhaust Interrogation Room…” Any time the player controlling this card defeats a minion, the ability may be used.

• If a specific character is required to interpret an ability using the word “you”, the identity card is the character that must be used. For example, Toe to Toe reads, “Hero Action (attack): Choose an enemy. That enemy attacks you.” As attacks are directed against individual characters, “you” refers to the identity card of the of the player who played this event.

May 03, 2020 DOHK1014 · 15

Tried this deck out yesterday. It’s great! She-Hulk was one of the first heroes I tried (after my initial intro game) but had a hard time dealing with threat. This deck helps out in that area very well. Lost the first game and just restarted the 2nd after getting multiple surges which drew Titania and Sandman at one time, but the third game clicked. Thanks for posting the deck!

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 44259

@DOHK1014 You're welcome! Glad you're enjoying it. Of all my decks, I think this is the hardest one to master, but when you do, you realize how powerful it really is. Let me know how your future games go, cheers.

May 13, 2020 Mithoron · 2

It's a great deck. I don't have the Ms.Marvel pack, so I need to change something, but I think that my only problems is that my Gamma Slams could be a Little less powerful. Thanks for your deck I your post in BGG

Aug 23, 2020 Brian-V · 44259

@Mithoron Thanks, man. I think that's probably why there's only one Gamma Slam! For decks like this that just go searching for it, it might be too powerful. Thanks for the comment. :)

Feb 07, 2021 webjill · 1

I love this deck! Would you update at all with any of the new leadership cards?

Feb 08, 2021 Superbosher · 146

Please could you guys like my decks because I liked yours.

Feb 26, 2021 journeyman2 · 22373

Wow I really like this! I’ve been playing She-Hulk aggression built around Hellcat and Brawn, and often I wish there was just one more cheap 2-THW ally. This is such an incredibly good deck and I’ve got to try it out

Feb 26, 2021 journeyman2 · 22373

Team-Building Exercise is essentially a second Avengers Tower in this deck if you can find space for it!

Mar 06, 2021 Brian-V · 44259

@webjill Thanks!! Finally updated to 3.0. And even so much more fun to play. Starting with a hand of 10-15 cards is just worth it by itself. And now you can easily pull off 2 Gamma Slams every turn. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Mar 26, 2021 GamerHudson · 1

Dont you suffer a lot of penalties for going through your entire deck (im new so not sure how that would work)

Mar 26, 2021 webjill · 1

@GamerHudson you just have to draw one extra encounter card when you deck out. Benefit outweighs the cost.

Apr 19, 2021 Tontonrenard · 1

Just to say you thanks from France, one of my best card gaming experience with this deck. So... Merci monsieur !

Apr 20, 2021 fergan · 27

Hi! Great write up! I have one question, I'm not 100% sure but do you use Assess the Situation in combination with Split Personality? I would think those 2 together do not work, because Split Personality says "printed hand size".

Apr 20, 2021 Brian-V · 44259

@GamerHudson what @webjillsaid :)

Apr 20, 2021 Brian-V · 44259

@Tontonrenard Glad to hear it, "de rien"! Lovely country, been there a few times.

Apr 20, 2021 Brian-V · 44259

@fergan You are correct, it does not work. But still worth putting in the deck IMO. :)

May 01, 2021 Atrus · 364

Fun deck! I'm also a fan of "Assess the Situation" :) Have you tried it vs The Collector I ? I play a lot with She-Hulk justice or Grey She-Hulk and wanted to try your deck. It's a powerful deck indeed! but that scenario is almost impossible to win with She-Hulk, best tries were just rushing to the face, but you need to be lucky.

May 08, 2021 Brian-V · 44259

@Atrus I have not! Not yet. :) I find that I do have to tweak decks sometimes depending on certain allies or difficulty. Expert plays a lot different than Heroic. I would be interested in your decks. Thanks for the comment.

Jun 13, 2021 TimLee · 1

@Brian-V Have you tried this deck on expert Klaw? I don't think it works very well with him. I'd re-tried it multiple times.

Jun 18, 2021 Karatekid80 · 2

Hi! Is there a writeup for the Draw&Slam Version before the update? THX.

Jul 23, 2021 FrankensteinDMS · 1

So this has become not just my favorite deck but absolutely my main deck. Thank you for the write up. I'm a big she-hulk fan anyway, so this deck is perfect for me. I enjoy playing it so much I went to inked to get a Split personality play mat, as this is not only my favorite deck but that is my favorite card art in the game

Sep 01, 2021 Carquinyoli · 249

@Brian-V this deck is a lot of fun!! Sometimes I draw so many cards that I have some severe A/P to combine them hahaha. By the way, you talk about United We Stand but I don't see it neither on the deck, nor on the cards added or subtracted. How many copies of it will you include and what would you replace? (I'm using your additions/replacements from May 2021). Thanks for this!

Jan 03, 2022 WondrousSage · 1

I just have a question on how to get all six allies out at once. I understand the added two to the ally limit of three with The Triskelion and Avengers Tower but that only comes out to five allies unless I am missing something.

Jan 03, 2022 dr00 · 42134

@WondrousSage the last one is from Stinger, who doesn't count towards the ally limit

Jan 20, 2022 SardoNumspa · 1

May 30, 2022 Graceclaw · 27

Just played this vs S2E2 Crossbones with Hydra Assault/Menagerie Medley/Kree Fanatic. First game was almost a win, but I somehow managed to not draw Gamma Slam on the final turn with 18 cards....bumped down to S2E1 and managed to win both remaining games narrowly, both with 1 hp and less than 3 threat left on the final scheme. Playing on the higher difficulty meant I didn't really get quite as much time to get set up, so it was a little inconsistent but got the job done! Not sure if it would stand up to other villains on the same difficulty, honestly the only reason I pulled through was Crossbones' low hp. Fun stuff though!

Aug 17, 2022 Lewibob · 1

I've been running this deck a lot recently. It really forced me out of my normal playstyle and made me a better player overall. Thank you for the great content!

Oct 10, 2022 DarthUrsula · 1

Question, how do you start your turn out with 10-15 cards?

Oct 13, 2022 ThatUnfunPerson · 1

The only v3.0 add I have is Deft Focus. Which card would you remove to add Deft Focus, or would you stick to v2.0 if I don't have the other 3.0 cards?

Dec 13, 2023 Tamaky · 37

Hello, just a quick question. You talk about having 6 allies for mass drawing. But the rules say you can only have 3 allies max (4 with avenger tower). So how do you get 6 allies?

Dec 13, 2023 Carquinyoli · 249

@Tamaky using Avengers Tower and triskelion for 5, an you can add Sting ally (or Stinger, I can't exactly recall her name) which does not count to the maximium

Dec 13, 2023 Brian-V · 44259

@Tamaky Hi, Tamaky. Yes, @Carquinyoli is correct. Stinger is the ally. The updated version (although a long time ago now) is at the top of the write up. Thanks for checking out the deck.

Dec 15, 2023 Tamaky · 37

Ok,, i understand better now! Thx for the answer, and for the deck^^ i enjoy it so much! Merci beaucoup ! ;)