Cassie Lang



Cost: 1.
Health: 2.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

당신의 아이덴티티에게 Avenger 특성이 있을 때만 플레이합니다.

Stinger는 당신의 동료 제한에 포함되지 않습니다.

Denis Medri
Ant-Man(앤트맨) #14.

Stinger is one of the best allies. Why? Well you got 1 atk or thw and a block. It´s unlikelly that you will have 3 allies in play but if you do you can play her anyway with no need to discard one ally. Sure, you need the avenger trait to play it but there are plenty avengers anyway. Furthermore, Avengers Tower or Team-Building Exercise let´s you play it for free. Insane card.

Clintparker13 · 121

At the time of writing this review we have exactly two 1 Cost allies in the game's pool of ally options. Blade is the other one, and both of these cards are incredible as long as you can meet their requirements. This small pool of options however makes it hard to compare Stinger/Cassie Lang directly to other identical cost allies.

That written; we can see from the 2 cost allies that for an effective card cost of 3 the typical statline you get for your ally is 1THW, 1ATT, 2HP and some other upside. There are some exceptions to that, like Ironheart's refund or Hulk's incredible statline but on the whole it is fair to say that Stinger is on par with an average 2 cost Ally for any Leadership based deck for an Avenger traited hero. The absolute floor for her is; she can enter play, attack or thwart for a point and then chump an attack. However, when you start to utilise her specific strengths you'll notice the ceiling for this card is very high.

Stinger not counting against the ally limit is a bonus that's as large as she can sometime grow; and we can highlight just how massive that is by looking at her ability through an alternative lens. Cassie Lang is effectively an ally with a copy of The Triskelion printed right there on her text box. Except it's not actually The Triskelion at all; so you can use both her alongside the support card to reach five allies for Avengers tribal decks. In short, Cassie comes bundled with approximately 2.5 cost worth of value. She is not strictly better than any other ally, but not counting against your Ally Limit is a huge deal, especially for ally swarm style Leadership decks.

I would not categorise Cassie as a staple for all Leadership aspect decks, but for tribal swarm decks using the Avenger trait and looking to use cards like Strength In Numbers, Team Training, Mighty Avengers, Avengers Assemble!, Lead from the Front, Mass Attack, All for One and Band Together this card is an automatic inclusion even if she will rarely be used as a chump blocker in decks that are looking to go wide because of that innate The Triskelion makes it worth keeping her around if you care about having as many allies as possible in play.

fen · 13
If you use avengers tower too, it’s 6 allies — MasterKitFisto · 1

2 cost allies are good. They come down, they do a thing, they die blocking. Great value

Stinger is a one cost ally who doesn't count against your ally limit. Sure, she's a 1-1 but who cares at that cost? 1 of what you need and a chump block is great

She's particularly good for Strength In Numbers or Band Together decks. Since she doesn't count against your limit she becomes an amazing battery to have on the board.

Only downside is the guilt you'll feel when you chump with her when Ant-Man is in your game. C'mon, that's his daughter.