Solo Champions League Season 4 Round 4

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"Draw & Slam!" (3.0) - She-Hulk / Leadership - March '21 807 645 42 1.0
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Malc0r · 1

Based of the "Avengers, Draw & Slam! (2.0)" deck by Brian-V. This deck got me 3 wins in the Solo Champions League. This round the villain was: Green Goblin: Mutagen Formula (expert) + Running Interference. I did 4 test games before landing on this build, here are my learnings:

  • Don't block with your allies!
  • Don't block with your allies! (I mean it!)
  • Don't take changes. This scenario is too swingy, play it save and steady.
  • All hangs on the big plays with "Strength in numbers", Split personality and Gamma Slam for 10+.
  • In order to defeat stage 3, make sure you finish it quickly. I often held back moving to stage 3 in order to finish the game in one or two turns after stage 2.
  • Threat is a big issue, the best way to stay in control is to go back to alter-ego and utilize She-hulks tools. This often costs you a turn, but might be needed for survival ("I object!", Superhuman Law Division and even Legal Practice help).

I hope this deck gives some inspiration. I had a ton of fun trying to beat this incredible hard challenge.


Feb 24, 2021 josseroo · 571

Congrats on 3-0! I practiced with a very similar deck to this before deciding to go with Hawkeye. I used Mockingbird in my She-Hulk deck, and with Make the Call and Rapid Response, she was my MVP. Great that you found success through a different path.