Ms. Marvel Beginner Deck

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Hawkeye007 · 10

This deck tackled every scenario on expert up to The Galaxy's Most Wanted Expansion.

I had no idea how powerful Ms. Marvel is until I put this deck together and started easily defeating scenarios. She has a wide variety of ways to solve most problems and I think she's now my favorite hero and, besides Dr. Strange, she might be the most powerful as well. Plus she's just a lot of fun to play. I've been sleeping on this hero and I look forward to adding in even better cards as I move forward.

Mulligan for Aamir Khan, Nakia Bahadir, and/or Biokinetic Polymer Suit. You'll quickly burn through her deck so if you don't have a great starting hand don't worry. Before flipping to Hero form make sure you take advantage of Kamala Khan's ability. With Aamir Khan in play and her alter-ego ability you'll soon be going into hero mode with 8 cards.

Next Priorities: Embiggen! and, depending on the scenario maybe, Shrink. Although Shrink is often an unnecessary luxury in these early scenarios Shrink paired with Clear the Area is a very effective combo.

Concussive Blow is an important card. With Embiggen! in play you'll do 5 points of damage and render the villain confused allowing you to safely switch into alter-ego mode where Ms. Marvel does her best work. Change into Kamala Khan and get loaded up for your next turn as often as you can. If you've take some damage Khan heals herself for 5 which is nuts.

Bruno Carrelli can really help to setup a huge turn. For best results you'll want to go from hero form to alter ego and then make sure you have no cards in your hand. Then use Ms. Marvel's ability and put that card under Bruno... allowing you to draw up to the full 6 cards.

Target Acquired may seem like an odd-ball but it's a Preparation card and it basically makes Agent Coulson a 2 cost ally instead of 3. Plus it has some utility occasionally.

Every time you're able play Wiggle Room - which is another great card.

Ms. Marvel can hit hard and playing Big Hands, exhaust Embiggen!, exhaust Ms. Marvel to get Big Hands back in your hand, and then Big Hands again can nail a villain for a 10 HP loss with little problem.