The X-Avenger Supreme Rogue

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FifouChicken · 1

Hi everyone! Let met present you my first published deck!

With this deck I tried to create some synergies in order to have many ressources generators and many readies. When totally built, with the readies and Rogue's Jacket, in one turn:

  • Rogue can deal up to 9 damages
  • Rogue can thwart up to 9 threats

Here are some interactions you can have during a game:

I am aware that this is an expensive deck and it takes time to fully build Rogue. It had been tested true solo against expert Klaw & Reavers modular set and I will try it with another scenarios.

In the meantime, feel free to give me some feedbacks. Would you change some cards or all of it?

And for those you read this, thank you!