Fluid Attack - Quantumania (Team-Up)

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Brian-V · 36291


This deck is a strong, thematic build that utilizes Ant-Man's ability to increase his basic attack with Giant Strength and Fluid Motion, then using that increased ATK multiple times a turn with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ready to Rumble, and Quick Strike.


Max ATK:

Ideal Play:

  • With Resize and/or Swarm Tactics you'd like to flip from Tiny-form to Giant-form twice for +4 ATK, while playing as many low-cost (attack) events as you can, e.g. Surprise Attack or Quick Strike.

  • You'll trigger Fluid Motion with those low-cost events for another +2 ATK.

  • With Combat Training down, you'll have around +7 ATK (10 ATK total). Your Quick Strike will have hit pretty hard with that increased attack.

  • Finally, with low-cost allies down you'll be able to then basic attack for 10 damage, and hopefully have a Earth's Mightiest Heroes in hand to swing again for another 10 damage or so.

  • Swarm Tactics and Ready to Rumble will also hopefully have contributed to another swing for you near that max damage.


  • In the spirit of Quantumania, you'll have two ally Wasp targets for Swarm Tactics when playing solo. All the Avengers have come out to play.

  • I've tested this deck extensively, especially with Kang Expert and the MODOK modular with smooth sailing.

I've had a ton of fun with this deck, the set-up is quick and the combos are pretty easy to pull off. Once built, you're doing so much damage, the game ends pretty quickly with some pretty insane attack turns a true Aggression player would appreciate! Hope you have fun and appreciate the theme if you give it a try!


Mar 12, 2023 journeyman2 · 11237

Big fan of Ant-Man Aggression! Giant Strength + Fluid Motion is excelent!

Mar 13, 2023 TraitorMAIKI · 4

Wow love this deck and its counterpart, but you have 2 quincarriers between both of them, making it impossible to play both at the same time. Am I missing something from the rules or is this actually possible?

Mar 13, 2023 Mikepelf · 675

@TraitorMAIKI no but you are missing the section at the beginning of Brian’s write that talks about removing 1 Quincarrier when playing them together.

May 01, 2023 Toek · 1

Hi Brain, great deck! I don't come around how you can swap to giant form twice in a turn. You have to play 2 Rezises or 1 Rezise and Swarm Tactics to make that happen, right?