Valkyrie & Avenger friends

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My first deck building applied to optimize Valkyrie (except for cost). This deck aim to take use of Valkyrie's specificities and reduce the drawbacks of lacking of Thwart and resource needs.

Dragonfang and Symbiote Suit are used to ensure Valkyrie will kill the Sbire called by Chooser of the Slain.

The Symbiote Suit should not be used too early though, even if it is well suited with Valkyrie who can easily manage the extra encounter card which increase the probability of drawing a sbire.

Chooser of the Slain must be used each time as it provides 2 cards, one being used to place the Death-Glow, the second to gain a resource or to choose alternatives. A nice combo with Visit Valhalla allows to increase the use of Chooser of the Slain when flipping your hero card.

Valhalla must be placed asap to optimize the Death-Glow.

The allies are chosen among the avengers to serve as defense and bring their special abilities to thwart, draw cards, remove state cards, etc...

Rapid Response allows to reuse an ally once and gain an additional special ability for a low cost.

Tenacity can be used as a resource or provide the opportunity to ready Valkyrie one additional time during a phase.

Resources and support cards are used to allows several alternatives to adapt to the situation after drawing numerous cards.

I tested this deck several times against Rhino and found it fun to play. I will test it against Ultron with a friend this week, we will see.

Don't hesitate to share comments for my futur building deck experiences.