Cost: 4.
Health: 4.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 1.

Wolverine's attacks gain piercing.

Response: After your turn begins, heal 1 damage from Wolverine.

Mutant Genesis #41.

Wolverine is a phenomenal ally in an X-Men deck and can hold his own even without any X-Men synergies. Healing 1 damage a turn means Logan can stay in play indefinitely offering a 3 damage attack every 2 turns, 1 thwart every turn, or some combination thereof. Against many scenarios where the piercing is relevant (like basically every scenario in Mutant Genesis), it might feel more like 4 or 5 damage each attack. Attack Training looks very good on Wolverine and can give him 4 consecutive turns of attacking for 4 before you need to pause to heal...woah! Great for minion management or putting a clock on the villain. Due to the self-heal ability, this card will get lots of uses out of stat-boosting upgrades like Sidearm or Inspired. A must-include for any X-Men aggression deck, and a candidate for non X-Men decks as well in my opinion.

Stretch22 · 559
Wolverine's healing also alows him to block a 1 ATK minion every turn, indefinitely. Agreed, a very versatile card in any Aggression deck! — biodude · 214
If you find me the 1-ATK minion that doesn't die from Wolverine just attacking it once, I'll agree haha — Stretch22 · 559