Cost: 3.

당신의 아이덴티티에게 Avenger 특성이 있을 때만 플레이합니다.

히어로 행동: 캐릭터를 X명까지 선택해 강인함 상태 카드를 줍니다(최대 캐릭터 3명까지). X는 빌런의 스테이지 번호입니다.

Ant-Man(앤트맨) #32.
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3 resources for a single tough card is way too expensive, but if you're at the 2nd (or 3rd) villain stage you probably want a 3-resource event to actually make progress, rather than stave off one round of attacks. I find that I usually want to just damage the villain's face down to zero once the heros have set up their tableau.

voidstar · 14
A stun based protection could replace tackle for this and get some heals to become very versatile. This card is one of the only buffs and it is quite powerful compared to toughened or first aid. — zephyr100 · 25
On Expert mode scenarios this gives you two tough cards right off the bat, which I think makes it a reasonable include for green decks that don't actually want to defend. Spending 2 cards to negate a villain action is pretty standard. — OrionJA · 8
While I rarely play this the first time though my deck, I almost always play it the second time it comes up, when the board is established - allies out, villain stage advanced, and I 'm looking to finish it out within 2-3 rounds of offense. — wilyninja · 1