Cyclops: X-Problems Require Direct Solutions

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Caldias · 805

Angry Mutant Daddy

The burden of leadership can be a terrible thing. Often you have more bad days than good, and no one knows what bad days are like quite like Scott Summers. If it isn't the Phoenix force killing his girlfriend, or making him kill people, it's the world getting bored and deciding to go after mutants once again. The good news is X-Folks are a team, and if you come for one, you come for them all, and Cyclops leads the counter attack.

This deck leans into Allies boosting their attacks to huge degrees. Thanks to Danger Room we have efficient ways of putting on Attack Training, along with Boot Camp. Enraged pushes the damage even further, at the cost of our allies's longevity.

That takes care of our main objective: defeating the villain. However, there comes a time when side schemes will need to be addressed. Luckily, master tactician Scott Summers can retrieve any Tactic card from the deck, and The Direct Approach happens to be a tactic. That way, we can use our juiced up ATK to take care of some side schemes. And if you don't have side schemes, Game Time is a great tactic to get some extra juice out of your allies.

Side note: Enraged won't deal extra consequential damage since you're using your ATK to thwart, not attack!

Even without the need to thwart side schemes, this crew is great at killing minions and taking it to the villain.

So let's suit up and meet the team!

Angel - Cheap and effective

Colossus - The tough gives us a free big attack, thwart, or mega block

Gentle - even without minions, The Direct Approach allows gentle to use his mega stat without taking extra damage

Phoenix - Honey, have you seen my Full Blast anywhere?

Polaris - Tough for Cyclops or anyone else that needs to do a big attack and not take consequential damage

Professor X - We all need a confuse every now and then, or a ready to hit like a truck/thwart like a mastermind

Rockslide - big ATK, big health, retaliate when needed!

Storm - She can thwart for a lot, and still move a big more to make sure the big numbers don't go to waste

Sunfire - Come for the attachment removal, stay for the boosted ATK!

Wolverine - Big hits with little heals

Let's get out there and solve some problems, the direct way!


Feb 07, 2024 Floridarainmaker · 1

Looks solid, can’t wait to try it out!

Feb 08, 2024 Caldias · 805

@Floridarainmaker Thank you!

Also, a couple adjustments. I tested this deck quite a bit before landing where I am, but I missed a couple things worth considering:

Honorary X-Men to turn on Utopia in AE Forge to grab Danger Room and be cheap Havok for being a thwart bot (won't take consequential damage when using ATK to thwart

I'd probably cut Professor and Rockslide to make room, and add the Honoraries to go to 45 cards. Could probably cut Enraged if you have a dedicated Justice player around in MP.

Feb 08, 2024 Papaporio · 27

Hay psionicos en juego muy a menudo como para aprovechar realmente a Cerebro?

Feb 09, 2024 dr00 · 39713

Enraged against the Assault keyword is so awesome haha

Feb 09, 2024 Caldias · 805

@dr00 Thank you! Modern problems require angry solutions!

Feb 09, 2024 journeyman2 · 20358

Was fun testing our decks together!! The Direct Approach + Laser Swords is a good multiplayer combo for us!

Feb 10, 2024 Caldias · 805

@journeyman2 Absolutely, love that Gwen 'Pool deck!

Feb 13, 2024 Caldias · 805

@Papaporio I think you're right! I swapped out Utopia for Cerebro and it's been very handy!