Roughneck Regenerator

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The Claw that Broke the Camel's Back 359 301 29 1.0
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nomadic_odin · 19

The longer Wolverine stays out, the more consistent damage output.

Momentum Shift, and What Doesn't Kill Me are the key to keeping Wolverine topped off and putting out consistent damage. Hard Knocks, Polaris, Tackle, and The Night Nurse will help with status effect game.

Running Mutant Genesis with some friends playing Phoenix (Justice) and Quicksilver (Aggression), so popping Honorary X-Men to potentially benefit Quicksilver, or even just provide a strength resource for Tackle or What Doesn't Kill Me. Then keeping with the themes here, Professor X and The X-Jet are in this play for their general decent usability. Would consider switching out these cards for something like 3 Energy Barrier or 3 Med Team cards.

Running as a Brawler in the campaign. For my option to add an Aggression Upgrade and Event, I'm incorporating Combat Training and a Clobber. On my aggression play with Wolverine, I found these two cards to be probably my two favorite. Extra basic attack with Wolvy's already solid basic attack (along with Adamantium Skeleton) and a free play of Clobber using Wolverine's Claws should be fun.

Wolverine is a lot of fun, but more so the longer you can just keep him in hero mode doing work.