Cost: 1.

히어로 반응: 당신이 형태를 변신한 후, 당신의 히어로에게 강인함 상태 카드를 줍니다.

"정문이 열려 있는 거 알고는 있지?" - Spider-Man
Mutant Genesis #16.

The "change form" requirement is a significant cost, making this card unplayable roughly half your turns. When you can play it, the effect is good but not great. That doesn't add up to a card I like running, but there are some uses. With heroes who have the ability to change a form that is not just their identity card (Spectrum, Vision, Shadowcat) or change between multiple hero forms (Ant-Man, Wasp), Perseverance is much more consistent. Colossus is probably the best hero who doesn't fit this category to use this card since he combos with tough cards. Ultimately, I opt for stuns (no boost effects) and allies (more flexible cards overall) to block villain attacks in most cases, but against stalwart villains or when you care about allies surviving (Collector, Project Wideawake), tough cards from Perseverance can be the way to go.

Stretch22 · 559