Attack. Defense.

Cost: 2.

Hero Interrupt (attack/defense): When an enemy initiates an attack, deal 4 damage to that enemy.

Mutant Genesis #14.
Powerful Punch

So if I’m reading this card and understand the defense rules change, this card is one of the most insane card release for shadowcat. Unless I find an faq saying otherwise I’m pretty sure this will make you flip from solid to phased but then make you take no damage still since the attack “is defended” by you and thus you are defending against it. Given some of the other examples of how she works with certain cards, I’m pretty sure this is correct and maybe intended and these types of interactions are going to make her one of the most powerful heroes yet.

kunkudunk · 6
I think that's right! Pretty insane because defense cards usually prevent some damage already, which is redundant when Shadowcat prevents all damage. So a defense that's actually an attack...perfect for Shadowcat — Stretch22 · 539
You'll still take damage. The shift happens AFTER you defend, so after the attack fully resolved. — ChimpFlipper · 1
It does work if you're already in phased form though of course. — ChimpFlipper · 1
I think there is some debate here. After you attack using powerful punch in solid form (before the enemy attack resolves) the response of solid form to you attacking changes you to phased , but you are still considered defending until the enemy attack fully resolves. If you use powerful punch while you are phased, you will attack and the forced response of phased will flip you back to solid and you will be the defender until the attack resolves... I think it gets really messy. — MAXFightMan · 1
Rules reference page 28: If two or more effects with the same bold timing trigger would resolve simultaneously, the first player determines the order in which the effects resolve — salsatheone · 2
Not sure if that applies here. There aren't two response triggers happening on the same card simultaneously. There is a response to the "after you attack" on the solid form side and then the next trigger is a forced response to "after you defend" which shouldn't happen until you are finished defending. The crux of this card is that it is an attack and a defense on the same event and the "after you attack" happens at a different time than "after you defend" — MAXFightMan · 1
The debate is really down to whether or not the damage part of powerful punch is considered an attack (thus triggering solid form's response) or if the "after you attack" only applies after your opponent attacks. — MAXFightMan · 1
There is an FAQ now that you can find on the HallofHeroes Rulings page. If she starts in Solid form, you play the punch, deal 4, and flip. Now in Phased, you take no damage from the attack. Then you are forced to flip back to Solid since you defended. — Stretch22 · 539

This may be the best Protection card yet, definitely the best event. Two resources for 4 damage is great for the aspect, and it can be applied at critical times. I've won games, plural, getting to hit the villain with this card just before they killed me or got an encounter card phase I knew I couldn't get through.

Bbyowll · 25
Seems good for Spider-Man, especially, since he has trouble dealing damage in Protection outside of the web kick. — RabidHobbit · 11