Cost: 1.

Play under any player's control.

Max 1 per player.

While your hero's remaining hit points are equal to or greater than your hero's starting hit points, your hero gains retaliate 1.

Galaxy's Most Wanted(은하계에 가장 필요한 일) #16.

I like this card a lot for heroes who can build their hit points up (Hulk, Thor). Also I think this card is an upgrade rather than an event. fyi :)

Galaxy's most wanted is a really fun set! Excited to see what else the designers do.

turtles04 · 258
Agree - certain heroes will be better with it than others. I love cards like that. Endurance is a nice 1-of too in a Dauntless deck and gives any hero a better chance to make use of it. — Stretch22 · 190
Iron man also has a lot of hp upgrades. He could benefit from it in a tech/dmg prevention deck. — neothechosen · 5488

I want to like this card but am finding it tough to justify so far. What I like about it over electrostatic armor is you don't have to defend. However the issue is characters taking a "no defend" strategy that this card can enable are likely going to take damage pretty frequently. That makes the condition on this hard to meet. This in addition to the fact that it requires a lot of setup, either getting an HP upgrade in your hero deck or endurance or ideally both, to have a chance at keeping the condition active.

All in all it just fits ends up fitting more in an actual defense deck alongside electrostatic armor which is fine, but I wish it was more viable outside of that. Hopefully more cards enable it more in "no defense" in the future

jrec15 · 116
With the 1.4 change to the Rules Reference, there may be some better combos with this again, since Protection has cards that reduce damage without requiring a basic defense action. — RabidHobbit · 5

Now with Symbiote Suit (released with the expansion Sinister Motives) it's even better. High chances to have more hit points than the villain for almost the entire game.

Axios · 5