Iron Man
Tony Stark



Cost: 4.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Iron Man에 부착하는 업그레이드는 자원 비용이 1만큼 감소합니다.

"이 수트를 이보다도 더 좋게 만들려면 어떻게 해야 하는지 알겠어."
Doctor Strange(닥터 스트레인지) #39.
Iron Man

With the current cardpool this effect is pretty bad. The only Upgrades available in Leadership that can be played on allies are Inspired and Honorary Avenger. Honorary Avenger already costs 0, so you would be putting this card in your deck only for your three copies of Inspired. 2 Atk 2 Thw is great statline, but 4 resources isn't an amazing price. This will make the cut in some decks just because of the statline, not because of the effect.

If any aspect would get access to some great ally upgrades, Leadership is the obvious choice, but until then this card is basically blank.

MyLtlePwny · 56
How can i search for decks with this card? When i put iron man into search it adds me Tony Stark and search for Iron man hero decks :/ — Wosho · 1
If you stick the database number (09039) into the 'Cards used' field on the decklist search, that'll show you every deck that uses Iron Man as an Ally :) — Pojopembo · 964
Or not :( sorry, thought that had worked! — Pojopembo · 964
use show advanced search, type in iron man, choose the version and search — vidinufi · 1

Generally, a hero with a stat line of 2 ATK, 2 THW, 3 HP costs 3 and has a positive ability. In order to be as good as that, Tony here needs to be discounting at least two upgrades, so you'll want both several types of upgrades (since they're all limit 1 per ally) and multiple copies of each (so you can assemble them in a timely fashion). And then you want Call for Aid and/or other allies who are exceptionally good to play upgrades on (e.g. Ronin). And probably something that can restore HP on your huge investments. So this is not a card to throw in any old deck, but it can be good in the specific archetype.

In addition to all the Avenger upgrades, if you go with Star-Lord and/or Honorary Guardian, you get access to all the Guardian upgrades and Guardians of the Galaxy as well. Play an upgrade for 0, immediately draw a replacement card? VALUE!

Fry · 242
I disagree that you would need two Upgrades, a single one would do it. Inspired, Reinforced Suit, or Power Gloves would put Tony on or above efficiency for activations. I'm not sold on the "positive ability", as they tend to be situational. — Judicator82 · 125
Tony + Power Gloves is a Daredevil that you paid an extra card for. Tony + Reinforced Suit is a Brawn that you paid an extra card and an extra resource for. — Fry · 242
Also, unless you draw them both in the same hand with enough resources to play both, you may either use some of Tony's health before he gets upgraded or pay an opportunity cost by keeping him idle — OrionJA · 8

Thematically, I think this card should have had the AERIAL tag, and it would have helped subtly improve a slightly underpowered card, as decks that are using Air Supremacy would get an extra benefit from this card. I know that you can play Sky Cycle, but it just seems odd that Iron Man, of all people, would need it.

Rotoiti · 3
I don;t want to sound crazy, but do you actually think that Iron Man is *underpowered*? There are decks built around him, he is one of the original Voltron allies. — Judicator82 · 125
yeah, Iron Man isn't a strong card to just include on it's own in a deck, but when you build around him, he is incredibly powerful. thematically, sure, I agree that giving him aerial makes narrative sense, but you probably still wouldn't include him in a wide board Air Supremacy deck because of how expensive he is, and it would have no benefit to him in a Voltron deck where Air Supremacy isn't a good card. — Death by Chocolate · 4

[BUG] - This card does not appear when I try to edit my decks. Is anyone else having this problem? It goes from Hawkeye to Kaluu and skips this card. How do I report this as a bug. I cannot find the Bug submission option.

Orthogrom · 19
Only thing I can think of is to check the pack filter on your deckbuilder page and see if Doctor Strange is marked — Stretch22 · 559
Idk, shows up for me — tunicv · 348