Agent 13
Sharon Carter



Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 2.

반응: Agent 13이 플레이 영역에 들어온 후, 음모 하나에서 위협을 2만큼 제거합니다.

"캡틴, 한 팀으로써 함께 싸우기로 했잖아요! 함께 가게 해주세요!"
Captain America(캡틴 아메리카) #2. Captain America #1.
Agent 13

In a set where Avengers shine, Agent 13 stands out by... Well by not being an Avenger! If you still choose to call her to battle, she'll massively help you with that evergrowing threat level, both immediately and for a couple of turns. Captain America can always make her an honourary avenger to boost her up. She's a life saver in these tight solo games where threat blows up real fast, in a Captain America deck already well built for solo play.

Davidmc7 · 5
For a cost of 4 she removes 6 threat and blocks. If she was an Avenger she would be even better... — adsarf · 415